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Support & Maintenance

Recent trends in the global IT scenario show that companies have to shell out a huge part of their budget on software maintenance and a big share of human resources in the form of skilled workers to the day to day software maintenance of the existing systems in order to keep pace with the ever changing application maintenance requirements. Abhitech can help you cut costs at such crucial situations.

At the time of software maintenance, a set of system components are in place, the system has been tested and accepted for operational use, operators have been trained, and logistics support has been arranged. Data accumulates in system databases as a result of operational use.

Abhitech offers you the most efficient ongoing application maintenance and software development solutions at very reasonable costs. The software support and application maintenance team at Abhitech can successfully integrate our solutions to your system with the aid of cutting edge technology.

Abhitech provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes; we provide effective adaptive, perfective and corrective software maintenance services. Our professional software maintenance team has expertise in areas, such as, version upgrade, language migration, database migration, porting, re-engineering and functionality upgrades amongst others.

Our Wide Range of Software Maintenance Services Include–

Business Services

  • Application strategy
  • Configuration management
  • Troubleshoot & bug fix
  • Implementation and User training

Business Services

  • Upgrades
  • Business ennoblement
  • Integration with new applications

Technical Services

  • Architecture planning
  • Performance management
  • User profile management
  • Interface management