Essential topical areas so characteristic of automotive software engineering that comes to mind are high piece counts and tremendous cost pressures, rapid prototyping, and testing and validation in real-time conditions. Then there is the implementation of integer arithmetic and the adaptation to different vehicle model variants

Automotive software refer to embedded systems because the software is a component of an electromechanical process, it needs to be modeled within this context. On top of that, the automotive field is the place where two opposing factors collide, namely safety-critical applications on the one hand, and mass production output on the other. The result is an enormous cost pressure. In contrast to the approach used by aviation and space exploration, automotive software is optimized for bargain-priced processors. For all of these reasons an important process step during development is the implementation of integer arithmetic and the mastery of this step by the tool chain being employed is a mandatory requirement known to Abhitech.

The functionality required of a automotive application is often complex while the need for it to be user friendly is paramount. Our software products are subject to these same demands and have been developed to meet the needs of clients to address the shortcomings of many Management Systems in the automotive industry. These Management Systems often provide great functionality from an integrated accounting point of view but all too often loose sight of the fact that ordinary people are required to operate them on a daily basis. The personnel at the sharp end, facing customers, need to have up-to-date information at their finger tips to carry out their duties in the fast and efficient manner that the customer expects.

The art of software application development at Abhitech has the ability to marry all of these factors and deliver a robust solution whether bespoke or off-the-shelf. We therefore take account of 4 factors that have remained at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to choosing an IT solution.