Emerging Technologies

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the central foundation for any advanced data project. Feed raw data into a consistent pipeline to enable the likes of AI, Data Science and Data Visualisation solutions.

Data Engineering

01. Identify Data Sources
Data engineering can help you identify potential data sources that are vital to achieving your business goals. Once we know where vital data lies, we can add it to the pipeline.

02. Expand Data Acquisition
More data can reveal the larger picture. A custom pipeline is essential for achieving this in an efficient manner. We’ll ensure new data sources can be accessed and added with no complications.

03. Transform & Format Data
Raw data is nearly impossible to analyse – especially from multiple sources. We’ll configure a unique ETL (extract, transform and load) pipeline to automate the entire process, from collection to storage.

04. Data Storage
All data has to be stored somewhere. With growing volumes of historical data, data warehouses and lakes are vital for easily accessing data from your analytics. Paired with the Cloud, we can provide a storage solution that’s both accessible and cost optimised.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The most advanced data solutions, able to operate automatically and identify new insights, changing shifts and adapt accordingly. Save time and money through quick, informed reflexes.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

01. Identify New Insights
Machine Learning looks at the whole picture, drawing conclusions and finding correlations that can be used to drive sales, reduce expenses or otherwise make your business more agile & competitive.

02. Continuous Improvement
New data is gathered each day. ML & AI can use this data to refine their suggestions, quickly adapting to fluctuations.

03. AI empowered, Human controlled
ML & AI can quickly sort through data and bring recommendations and analytics to your team - who can spend more time creating improvements & new features, rather than just gathering & analysing.

04. Immediate Response
Need a solution that can make informed decisions without delay? AI / ML is great for fraud detection, adjusting prices and otherwise adapting to the tiniest changes for maximum value & security.