Surveys And Examinations

Deep dive into understanding the pulse of each
employee and reason for their disengagement.
Predict employee attrition in real-time with
AI-powered employee engagement surveys.
Improve engagement. Increase Productivity.
Boost performance. Increase Your Revenue.


Survey And Examination

The engagement drivers for an employee who has just joined the organization is very different from a tenured employee. The conversational engagement surveys take this into consideration pretty well.

Real time Actionable
AI-powered employee feedback surveys give you engagement insights automatically right after the survey is taken. The managers get to act quickly on real-time data to address problems.

Efficient action planning
Action planning features combined with employee engagement surveys give you the ability to track your improvements with follow-up pulse surveys. It helps you close experience gaps in minimal time by making the right people.

Reduce Unwanted
The AI-powered engagement surveys make employee retention easier by informing you about the unhappy employees in real-time. You get to know about their challenges and problem areas instantly. You just need to make efforts in the right direction and pull the right levers.

DevOps & Agile Exam
Testing aligned to DevOps and Agile methodologies.

Digital Exam
End to end functional and non-functional testing of digital applications including social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

Automation of regression test suites to achieve lower testing costs and faster time to market.

Advisory Service
Review of entire Testing organization including Processes, People and Tools & Technologies.

Testing for end to end DW and Analytics value chain.

Security Exam
Testing to ensure the applications are secure against any vulnerabilities.

Testing for Speed, stability and scalability to ensure the applications performs well under peak load.

Manual Exam
Manual functional testing of applications to ensure all features work as expected.